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… and because perception matters

“I am from the government and i am here to help”                                             Ronald Reagan It has certainly been a while … Continue reading

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professionalism in IT … at the movies

My first boss was a real ball-breaker.  He had a very good idea of what was possible with computers, what the users might need and how to achieve that.   He could have literally done it all himself except there were … Continue reading

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Is Agile development the Emperors new clothes

I had the opportunity to take a class on Agile development recently, Scrum, and it was a fascinating way of doing development. I have been pretty lucky over my career that I have not been dragged through a lot of … Continue reading

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Restful services in Java – 360 degree of restful client

Always try and use the most appropriate tool for the task.  The Apache HTTP server or web server is a program for serving the html web pages to the client who requests them. Tomcat is a application server that is actually … Continue reading

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