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Maven simple example

Maven was briefly described in my previous post.  In this post I will do a few small examples for actually using Maven. One of the main things about Maven is the idea of the artifact.  The artifact is a file, which … Continue reading

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creation of a more responsible padlock

I have been cleaning up my flat in preparation for the move when I ran across a few small TSA locks.  Sure I have used them when traveling to and from the United States but it certainly seemed to be … Continue reading

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Maven the alternative build tool

Why maven Maven is a tool for building software. Doesn’t there already exist a number of tools for doing this exact task?  Two different tools that do this are the classic make utility or the much newer Apache Ant. The make utility … Continue reading

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installing maven on linux

Maven offers quite a bit as a enterprise build tool.  It can help ensure that standards are followed and offers support for automated testing.  This tool is actually really simple to install.  It is just a matter of unpacking it … Continue reading

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