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Internet of things

Now is a truly amazing time to be involved with computers and computing in general. With the networking moving from computers to smart phones to everything else we might finally see some pretty smart houses of the future today. So … Continue reading

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safe computing – passwords

Have you ever done something despite the knowledge that it isn’t really safe?  This generic sentence could be anything from jaywalking to unprotected sex. In my case, the situation is perhaps a both more mundane and a 21st century problem.  I do … Continue reading

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A binary converter

I’m a hobbyist programmer and I program mainly in python, but am learning Ruby,which is similar to python. In this post I’m going to show you a simple python program: Can you guess what this does? If you guessed that … Continue reading

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WoW = World of Warcraft Part 2

Hi last time we talked about the classes. This time we will talk about races in the alliance and horde. As races the alliance has : Void Elf Lightforged Dranei Dark Iron Dwarf Kul Tiran Humans As races the horde … Continue reading

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WoW = World of warcraft part 1

hi now i would like to talk about World of Warcraft.I personally also play world of Warcraft i am a Hunter. He´s a dps = damage per second there are also tanks. If you´re in a dungeon always stay behind … Continue reading

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