Capitalism and technology

Technology can be really empowering or perhaps a bit oppressive, it really depends on which side of the change you land. I can hardly imagine asking the telephone operator to connect me to a specific person in a different city. Kinda makes sense when you can enter your cryptic 20 digits to connect you to someone in a far off land.

I don’t quite feel the same when I visit the grocery store when it is suggested that the most inefficient person, unpack my selection, attempt to register each item with a cashiers terminal and repack everything. The problem isn’t the scanning but rather the delays that arise when items inevitably fail to scan.

Big technology meeting

I was surprised to see a meeting today that I actually wanted to attend. It shouldn’t be too surprising that, just like much of the internet, my employer has discovered that ChatGPT exists. ChatGTP is no Eliza but it is one of the few truly amazing developments in computer science in the last few years. Our speaker was pointing out how using it did indeed make him much more proficient in some of his daily developments. It is not sure how much of this was exaggeration but one of the people in the meeting suggested that perhaps rather than off shoring work to the cheapest possible country that perhaps we will just use our local labor and ChatGPT to make up the difference.

This is indeed a very good idea but one of the others in the meeting suggested that if these cheap offshore labor solutions could improve their work by an equivalent amount they might still be taking our jobs.

Not sure who is winning the race, capitalism or technology.

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