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AWS – S3 and Simple Notifications

Individual Amazon web services are actually quite amazing all on their own but they are really neat when you start to use them together. There probably isn’t anyone who in their life hasn’t had a sdcard or hard disk fill … Continue reading

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More posts to love

Just in case you haven’t noticed it yet the Paranoid professor has doubled our staff. My youngest wanted to balance the computing and other world news with news of sport. We will still cover all the usual technical positions but … Continue reading

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Belgium vs. Japan

Hi guys did you guys watch the game? I did. The ball was more on the Japanese side for the first 20. minutes.Japan scored a goal in the 48. minute and in the 52.minute. And Belgium in the 69. minute. … Continue reading

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Sweden vs. Switzerland

Sweden is OK. Switzerland I don’t now. For who where you? I was for nobody. For the first 50 minutes the ball was mostly on the side of the Swiss. Sweden fouls a lot. Sweden scored in the 66. minute.sweden … Continue reading

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Columbia vs. England

Did you guys watch it I did?Columbia fouls a lot.England scored a penalty.Columbia got a goal in the additional time.England won 4-5.yeah.

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spain vs. russia

Did you guys watch spain vs russia?I did it was a OG from russia(own goal) and a penalty goal for russia.Even Ramos plaid with 24 red kards and 418 yellow kards.he is europs kard king.for who where you?Did you now … Continue reading

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King of sports

Hi guys I am going to talk about soccer.I love soccer I wish I could be referee.I now a lot about soccer.If you have any ?questions? about soccer just ask and I  will answer them.Just say them.What is your favorite … Continue reading

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