Windows and networking

I don’t know how many decades it has been since someone plugged a ethernet cable into their computer and it really didn’t work right.

             [Router]             [Patch Panel]
                |                       |
             [Switch]                [Switch]
   ┌------------|-----------      ┌------|-----------
   |      |     |     |    |      |      |     |     |
 [PC]   Printers   Other PC's    [PC]  Printers   Other PC's

works                                                                      does not work

Ok, ok, I did have a problem a long time ago when I was using a “hot off the presses” version of Ubuntu and an actual new laptop. It just didn’t work, I had to download driver code, compile and install. It really wasn’t that difficult, well, except that I didn’t have internet access.

I was sorta thinking about this old story while sitting at my child’s windows 10 computer. The task to be performed was pretty uninspiring. Move the desk and the computer to the other end of the room, plug it into a switch and get on with my day.

Well, five minutes turned into ten and ten into twenty. The ethernet cable was fine, the switch was fine, basically everything was fine. I went as far as bringing my laptop over to test this out. Yet windows could not get an internet connection. The most reasonable sounding solution was to run the following command.

netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.txt
ipconfig /flushdns

But reasonable doesn’t always mean successful. I was amazed that such a small hardware change could create such a fuss. My Raspberry Pi was able to make the move without a single problem. Eventually, the problem was solved but to be honest it was pretty non-intuitive. Do the following.

On the Network reset page, click on “Reset now” button.

I guess, in its own way this does make sense but who makes an operating system which saves network topography so in case it is moved it can no longer find the network?

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