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Restful services in Java – 360 degree of restful server

This is the blog final entry for a restful service web server.  I have attempted to create more than your typical “foo” “bar” type example program. My final blog on restful services will be a fairly complete service that could … Continue reading

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command line fun – unlimited command line length

While looking into another problem, plethora of shells, I was initially afraid that some of my fooling around was causing some odd side effects.  While investigating I ended up with a different solution that was actually overkill but it help … Continue reading

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Gentlemen’s vandal

We were watching the BBC world news a few days back and it must have been a slow news day. The reporter was speaking with someone whose face was hidden. It turned out that this particular vigilante defaced buildings and … Continue reading

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Restful services in Java – client and server

My previous restful client example and server example were perfect, well, not exactly.  They worked but they pretty much assuming a perfect world.  That is to say that there is never a communication error or a server error. This small … Continue reading

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