Gentlemen’s vandal

We were watching the BBC world news a few days back and it must have been a slow news day. The reporter was speaking with someone whose face was hidden. It turned out that this particular vigilante defaced buildings and has been doing so for the past 13 years.

No, he wasn’t putting up gang graffiti letters nor faces, animals or general art. His changes were very very tiny. So tiny that the actual shop owners in some cases didn’t recognize anything was different. So what was the change?

He would either add or remove apostrophe’s as required.


Amys Nail’s -> Amys Nails

The interviewee never said what his profession is but it could easily be that of an English teacher considering how my teacher was during English class.

It is hard to encourage vandalism but this particular type is at least a refreshing change from the norm.

A “grammar vigilante” sneaks around at night fixing an infuriatingly common error on public signs

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