blindsided by timezones

I recently got back from a holiday from another timezone.  It was a yearly pilgrimage to visit my parents in the Midwest.  The food was great, the weather was great, family was great but technology was on par with last millennium.  My children didn’t have the bandwidth to download any new games but they were still able to play minecraft together.

Imagine my surprise when the children’s kindles no longer connected to my network at home.  It didn’t seem to be a wlan problem as other devices could connect to the network but more importantly the Kindle’s could see my neighbors networks.

While checking into this I saw that some patch was installed during my holidays.  Was this patch responsible for the problem?  Was the device dropped?  Too many xray’s at the airport.  Is there a problem with my wlan?

Troubleshooting checklist

  • turn off and on the wlan
  • restart the device
  • drop and recreate the wlan entry

Google was full of similar situations and I was busy scratching my head but it was my wife who had a fresh idea.  Enable a hotspot from her tablet and try to connect.  It worked, the kindle connected to the hotspot and pointed out the difference in the timezone.

The timezone wasn’t the biggest problem but it was wrong as well.  Simply changing the timezone made the difference.  All of a sudden my wlan showed up in the list networks – and worked shortly after that.

I wonder what strange behaviors exist in some of the other muli-million line code bases …

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  1. Sus says:

    I didn’t know that the timezone had anything to do with it.
    Very interesting article.

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