computer programs in the 21st century

The app I downloaded just doesn’t work.  I am missing a lot of the photos that I took.

Great!  I am at home and it looks like work has somehow followed me.

That great application that my wife was bragging about the previous day was now causing her great distress.  The four hours she spent photographing created an incomplete list of files.

The application allows you to use your camera to take photos of photos in your physical photo album.  The application crops the photo and uploads them to their server.  You can then download the photos to your laptop.

The first day every photo showed up online annotated with all of her notes.  The second day approximately half of the photos that she took were missing.  She wasn’t sure which photos  went missing but it might have been the photos from the end of her photo session.

A few things popped into my head.  Is it possible that this free service only shows the first 500 photos.  Nope, that wasn’t it.

She downloaded everything and deleted everything and tried again.  This time some files were showing up while others were missing.  The harder she tried the more photos were missing.

I gave it some thought and the facts of the problem was that the photographs were not being stored in the normal photo album.  Not the ones that were lost nor the ones that were successful.  I watched and could see that she was taking more than one photo a minute.

My idea was perhaps these “temporary files” are being stored elsewhere but rather than using the built in naming convention the app developers decided to be clever.  Maybe they were taking their own naive approach to naming them. Maybe they used the same name for the current ph0to?

Sure enough, when my wife took no more than a single photo a minute then all of a sudden everything worked perfectly.  No more pictures got lost.

The wife is once again happy.  The key is to think like a programmer, the good ones not the lazy ones.

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  1. sus says:

    I wish i could think like a programmer.

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