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The open source community is an amazing place.  No matter what software you want there is an extremely good chance that it exists. You can use Gimp for manipulating graphic images, LibreOffice or Apache Office for word processing, piviti for editing videos or possibly Blender for creating videos.

Today I was a bit saddened when I read that Linux Journal will be shuttering its doors.  This is a magazine that has been around for 20 years and has sharing a lot of technical know how.  Yet size is no refuge.

There is so much software that you don’t need to spend a dime on anything but your hardware.  This is pretty cool but most of the world needs money for things.  The big popular projects do seem to manage to get funding but it is important to support those projects with time and assistance but also with money.

Most of the open source projects are not making their developers rich – they are doing so most likely out of a labor of love.

In my opinion, to keep the Linux ecosystem alive and thriving we need to open up our wallets and donate to the cause or project that you care about.  This might be a donation to our favorite distribution or it might be more general – giving some money to the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

There are other Linux magazines still left but I can imagine that there is a lot of pressure.  It was not very long ago Linux Voice merged with Linux Magazine

Showing support with any Linux group, event or organization helps keep the ecosystem alive.

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