Nobody wants to be accused of having anything less than the most ethical and trustworthy government imaginable. Yet not every administration fulfills that laudable goal.  It is usually pretty easy to look at the government through our personal perspective.  However, with that in mind I am a bit embarrassed that a lot of people either are not informed of the world news, cannot remember history or cannot see what the outcome of various actions would cause.

It sounds to be nepotism when a president his daughter essentially move into the white house with no real official role to advise and help the President of the United States.  Not only that but just imagine that loyalty is such an important factor that being family of someone already in the government is more likely to get you hired to a position regardless of your actual talents.

Who would have thought that the rich or mega rich would, once elected to office would work to change the laws to remove their apparent conflicts of interest or even help to enrich their personal bank account.  This politician’s moral character isn’t so high as to prevent them from paying women for favors or throwing parties so wild that they dare not be mentioned in more respectable venues.

It is only the truly powerful leaders who can remove at will opponents who are either real or imagined threaten their rule.  Some of these “thought leaders” are sitting in prison for wanting to speak out about problems and for being popular.  It doesn’t hurt if you can control crowds ferver, what is or isn’t displayed on the television (or internet) or even use the military as your personal police force.

It really is understandable that people in power who are stretching or even surpassing  legal, ethical, and moral boundaries would be overly critical of other groups trying to stop such behavior or at the very least report on it.


Donald Trump

Despite seeing the word “president” none of the preceding was about the current president of the United States.  All of these observations are from other countries or past leaders around the world.

These types of activities are only made worse where it is hidden from view or suppressed by the current power.  It is important that there be a free press whether or not the reporting says flattering things about your government or person.

The press should be a mirror that is held up to the nation that reports on facts in a unbiased manner even if it isn’t quite as entertaining.  It is the responsibility of a  press organization to be run by adults to deliver the facts. When these organizations fail this responsibility then they are no longer news organizations but propaganda machines.


Information that is either biased or misleading that is used to promote a particular point of view.

I think we can all agree we all want and deserve a government that is above board with all of their activities.  We should all expect a professional free press.  In a lot of countries both of these are under our control.  If you don’t approve of the government representing you vote them out, if you are displeased with the press vote with your wallet.  Don’t buy their product and ideally make your views known to their advertisers.

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