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The weirdest laws in the world

Today I’m going to talk about the weirdest laws on earth. Did you know that in the state of Pennsylvania men are not allowed to buy beer without a written letter by there wives where it says they’re allowed to … Continue reading

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The great firewall of china

China apparently has a cyber wall since 1997. Who knew? Its role in internet censorship in China is to block access to selected foreign websites and to slow down cross-border internet traffic. The effect includes: limiting access to foreign information sources, … Continue reading

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86 year old defends herself with bacon

In 2016 a 86 year old defended herself WITH BACON! All i thought was i would have loved to be there just imagine in a supermarket in Altrincham, UK it was posted by the greater Manchester police Facebook page so it … Continue reading

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Failed CCTV

CCTV means closed circuit television. At my mothers work her car was scratched hugely. So the next time I was at my mothers work I noticed that there were security cameras around the building. So yesterday my mothers friends bike … Continue reading

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Clone drone in the danger zone

Clone drone In the danger zone is a game made by Doborog games. You are a human mind implanted in a robot form. You can either battle royal, campaign or costum levels. You either have a sword or a hammer. … Continue reading

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Tips for Overwatch 2

  Name Tip Genji  Use his deflect to deflect Zaryas Ultimate.  Zarya  Use her shields wenn D.Va uses her ultimate because the damage that her shields absorb makes her  Junkrat  His Ultimate can climb up walls. You just have to … Continue reading

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Tips for Overwatch

Overwatch is a first person shooter made by Blizzerd Entertainment. you have 29 charecters that you can play as.   Name Tip McCree Use his Flashbang if somebody else wants to use their Ultimate. Tracer Only use her Ultimate if … Continue reading

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WoW = World of Warcraft Part 2

Hi last time we talked about the classes. This time we will talk about races in the alliance and horde. As races the alliance has : Void Elf Lightforged Dranei Dark Iron Dwarf Kul Tiran Humans As races the horde … Continue reading

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WoW = World of warcraft part 1

hi now i would like to talk about World of Warcraft.I personally also play world of Warcraft i am a Hunter. He´s a dps = damage per second there are also tanks. If you´re in a dungeon always stay behind … Continue reading

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Belgium vs. Japan

Hi guys did you guys watch the game? I did. The ball was more on the Japanese side for the first 20. minutes.Japan scored a goal in the 48. minute and in the 52.minute. And Belgium in the 69. minute. … Continue reading

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