Chasing the little green lock

I wanted for the longest time to both convert this blog from http to https. Computers are ever more powerful and my site is pretty simple – it should not have been a big deal.  Not only that but with the rise of the firm Let’s Encrypt whose mission is to make encrypted connections to the World Wide Web ubiquitous.

Yet, I was not certain how to configure my site to use the certificate from Let’s Encrypt – because of that I procrastinated again and again.  I may have never done it except for Google’s desire to see this happen.  I did write about that not that long ago in ‘The carrot and the stick‘.

I was lucky that my ISP actually had done the work and by doing a bit of configuration using their GUI my web server now supported secure http.   The process was a bit of trial and error so I didn’t write about it.

It was only recently, well like today, that I realized my journey is not yet done.  I have a certificate but my website is not exactly trusted by Firefox or Google Chrome.

Firefox suggests that the problem is that the connection will only be partially encrypted.  This was also clarified as perhaps the images were the culprit. I have spent some time changing my image references from http to https but have not yet had much luck.

I will be continuing to try and get perfect security on this site and will keep you all informed of my progress as it occurs.

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