Internet of things

Now is a truly amazing time to be involved with computers and computing in general. With the networking moving from computers to smart phones to everything else we might finally see some pretty smart houses of the future today.

So far I haven’t done very much of my own to create any of my own IoT devices.  In the past I have taken a small step in this direction.  I created a small light fixture that can be controlled from my computer.

Home lighting solution

Fun with LEDS

I have actually created my own device that will play streaming audio from the internet. The sum of the parts (raspberry pi, Linux, open source software) is much greater than the individual parts.

Not only have I managed to create my own device but I have also managed to get it published in the Linux Magazine issue #203.  You can download that particular article from Linux Magazine at the following link.

Bedtime Music

Even better than that go and purchase the entire magazine.

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