Building a personal computer

My experiences of building my own pc’s has been somewhat mixed. I had considerable help building the last two machines I have had by my friend Mikhail. When I say I had help building that means I created the requirements and he waded through the technical jungles to come up with a compatible parts list.

Oh, sure I helped to assemble them. My last one I assembled in its entirety including all the backwards fans. Once I was done my work was reviewed which is when some of my missteps were discovered and then corrected.

This time around I have to fly solo and do everything myself. I am both good with my hands and not afraid of electronics so how hard could it be? It did take a lot longer to come up to speed on all the changes in technology than I thought it would but I thought I would. Not only does the internet is full of all the information you need to know but it is also covered in a greater depth than I am prepared to go.

I know a couple of people who are considering building their own computer so I am pulling together a general list of the technology as well as a basic explanation of each. I am listing what I learned during my research. This will highlight a lot of the interesting or tricky steps as well as include links to a lot of supporting material.

Over the next few days I will be writing up my notes on the entire process and a quick summary after the process is over.

This series contains links to some of the resources I used as well as a few hardware vendors. I have not received anything from any of the vendors or websites. This information is included as it was either described better than I could do it or by someone who could be considered to be an expert.

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