Building a personal computer – selecting the ram

Selecting ram for the computer is actually very similar to deciding on a graphic card. You need to know what will you be using a computer for and how much memory is needed for that task.

Depending on your motherboard you will have 2 or 4 slots for memory. Picking which memory modules are appropriate are difficult unless you have a way to sell any used memory. It is possible to select 4 x 8gb modules and you then have 32gb of memory but if you need more you either have to replace some or all of the memory. It could be possible to remove two of the “8gb” modules and replace them with 16gb modules. This would change the memory from 32gb or 48gb.

As I am planning on running virtual machines lots of memory is advantageous.

In theory all memory is following the same specifications so you should be able to pick any module but the motherboard manufacturer does have lists of memory from various ram manufacturers that is supported.

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