Building a personal computer – cable management

Cable management is just a term that means you will organize the cables as nicely as possible. If you are new to pc building you might think that means laying the cables between the graphics card and any other cards installed in the case.

This might also be the case but cable management usually takes place on the back side of the motherboard. All tower cases regardless of their size have two side panels. The main panel opens up to the main area where the motherboard is located and pretty much everything else.

It is the other side panel that is usually where most of the cable management occurs. The power, and other cables, are usually a bit longer than they need to be and this extra cable needs to be stowed somewhere.

This storage area is usually only a few centimeters deep but that is more than enough space to hold the extra length of cables. These cables might be attached directly to the case with zip ties or in some higher end cases there may be additional connectors or facilities.

PC Build and cable management

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