Too many tests results in too many results

** conspirancy alert ***

It is pretty hard to not see what is going on in the USA with respect to the pandemic. There are a lot of reasons why things might not be doing so well there when compared to other countries.

  • Not wearing masks
  • Opening bars, restaurants, gyms, shops
  • Opening other crowded venues

The current cheerleader and chief has suggested that perhaps because so many tests are being done they are showing more people who are infected. Well, yes that might be the case to a minor level but taking tests is just holding up a mirror to reflect the current situation.

What is the conspiracy? Well, the president wants fewer tests and then I read in the newspaper that the federal government will be ending funding of various testing sites. This decision shortly after the president suggested reducing the testing would make everything look better sounds suspicious.

president says we need less testing and then the government funds less testing

This was a pretty clumsy way of trying to eliminate these statistics. Not only was it clumsy but quite a few of these federally funded sites were in one of the states, Texas, where the numbers were increasing. This was pretty worrisome, especially for the people in Texas, so within a few days this decision was reversed.

Wow, I wonder how we could somehow eliminate the nasty statistics that make the covid19 pandemic look bad in the US.


What if we forced all of the hospitals in the USA to change how and to whom they submit their covid19 statistics.

White House Strips CDC Of Data Collection Role For COVID-19 Hospitalizations

This wouldn’t be a prelude to removing any public access to this data.

Coronavirus data has already disappeared after Trump administration shifted control from CDC

If I didn’t know better I would look at this and think that perhaps someone thinks that everything is ok and perhaps everyone might forget about this if we could really hide some of these unflattering statistics from Covid 19.

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