Name brand recognition or coincidence

When you work or live outside of the USA you sometimes want to have a taste for the familiar. It is actually surprising just how many products that have a big footprint in the US have little or no market presence in other countries.

It has been ages since I wanted a peanut and jelly sandwich but I do like to have peanut butter from time to time on my bread. Because peanut’s are not native to Europe a lot of peanut based foods are also not so common here.

I don’t have a favorite local brand as they keep changing at my local supermarket. I bought some a while back and I didn’t think anything about it until my wife surprised me with an actual US peanut butter.

It was then I notice the similarity. I do not think that most people in Europe know anything about Jif peanut butter but I was surprised to see my local peanut butter looking similar to a familiar brand.

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