Voted off the island

I was frankly happy when the US presidential election was over. It was a long tiring process that took forever and once it was over it still wasn’t really over. Cries of “fake news” and “election fraud” were scary initially until they appeared to be just political posturing – well in the worst possible way.

The election is really over, and the ex-President is now long gone. I was surprised to see a bit of news about one of the Fox News reporters. It seems that the veteran politics editor Chris Stirewalt was fired.

This could be a coincidence and that Fox News simply decided after the election they needed fewer staff now that the election is over? What is unique about Chris is that he, along with Bill Sammon, were involved in making the decision to call the Arizona election in favor of Joe Biden over Donald Trump. They called the state of Arizona but they also did this before all other news networks did. I guess you could even say that they scooped the other networks.

In the end it turns out that this was indeed the correct call but with Fox News calling the state for Biden I suspect they received a lot of negative feelings and feedback from both their viewers and the ex-President.

It is sad that someone who reported the facts should loose their job when others on the same network promote that there was fraud in the 2020 election but still retain their job.

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