Roccat Vulcan 121 AIMO review

The Roccat Vulcan 121 AIMO is a full 105 mechanical key keyboard created by a German computer accessories company based in Hamburg. Roccat sells keyboards, mice and headsets but in my opinion it is the keyboards that are the star of the show.

Roccat Vulcan 121 AIMO

The keyboard that I evaluated had linear mechanical switches although Roccat also sells this same keyboard with a relatively quiet tactile option as well. This keyboard actually stands out from most others due to its flat keycaps which allows the per key RGB colors to really shine. It is a combination of the keycap being about half its normal height and the switches are not hidden by the case. The entire profile of the keyboard is quite flat. If your working environment is ergonomic you might not need the wristrest that is shipped with the keyboard.

The keyboard is really fun to look at but it is also a quality build. The USB cord is 1.8 meter long braided cord. The base plate of the keyboard is brushed aluminum. This gives the keyboard a super premium look but also a lot of structural rigidity so it the keyboard doesn’t hardly flex if you grab the ends and twist.

This full keyboard can be used in any setting but probably lends itself more toward the home or gaming segment. There is nothing preventing you from using this keyboard in the office but with its colors it is quite a bit flashier than would be accepted in a work environment. This keyboard could theoretically be used for mobile computing but because it is a full sized USB cabled keyboard it is perhaps not as desirable as something smaller and more compact.

Mechanical keyboards are often advertised with a longevity of tens of millions of keystrokes. I have no doubt that this keyboard will live up to its promises. It was only after working with the keyboard for a while that I realized there were a few downsides. The standard ANSI US keyboard has virtually an unlimited amount of flexibility for changing the key caps. Most, but not all, mechanical keyboards have either Cherry MX key switches or have a Cherry MX compatible stem. When you are in that situation it is possible to purchase new keys with a small investment of 30 or 40 dollars you can give the keyboard a complete new look.

Yet, because the key switches are custom you might not be able to use any of these common keycaps. I tried a few but there was problems with clearance. The form of the key switch is actually slightly different than that of a normal Cherry MX key switch. The switch form is more square. This customization of the keyboard could quite easily make it difficult if one of the keycaps were to break.

Roccat key switch

Kailh switch – Cherry compatible


  • Per key RGB lighting
  • Braided USB cable


  • Oddly shaped key switches
  • Somewhat expensive


It is a beautiful keyboard with an excellent build quality. The only negatives, other than the relatively high cost, is what would be the near impossibility to replace any key-caps if desired or required.

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