Clear as glass

I don’t always have the most current electronics. It can be a bit of a bummer to see kids on the bus whose cell phone is about 20x nicer than mine. However, my old phone was in a bad way so I thought I would get a new one.

Not wanting my screen to look like a shattered mirror, I also bought some protection. Wow, you would think that my last phone was from the last century the differences are so large. But, working with computers I expect things to get a lot better every 2-3 years. What did surprise me was the new phone “protective screen”.

The old technology was essentially a very wide piece of clear tape. The likelihood of getting air bubbles under the tape is not 100% but that was my experience. I used up a few packages to protective films only to see one or two little air bubbles in the middle of the screen. Fast forward about 6 or so years and we are protecting our glass screens with glass covers. It seems a bit counter intuitive but that is supposed to protect my phone if I drop it.

I am not going to test that theory, well, not intentionally. But the installation of the security glass is amazing. If you did a good enough job cleaning the screen you essentially drop the glass on and it sticks like magic with no bubbles. With a bit of help from a friend, we essentially drop the glass and you could see the air slide out to the edges. The preparation took all the time and the glass was installed in about 30 seconds.

It is so cool that I almost can’t wait for my next phone.

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