A bit of (excessive) advertising

I am actually glad that I do not see how many minutes per week I spend at YouTube. It is a convenient place to get some news, see some how to video and if you need to relax there are a lot of funny animal or children videos.

It has been long known that the internet is actually watching us and selling us to their advertisers. What the heck, why not watch a few of the commercials or use that as an opportunity to get a sandwich from the fridge.

What I don’t understand is what advertiser thinks I would like to stop watching cat videos to see their 6 – 52 minute long infomercial. Not only that, the infomercials don’t seem to even remotely match up with my video history.

Perhaps Google believes that everyone wants to purchase mystery supplements or the belief we can become some sort of work from home and earn 250 dollars by tomorrow morning and perhaps 150k by the end of the year.

It is difficult to know who is getting the better deal, some company whose video is streamed for the first minute or two or Google who gets them to pay for this. I guess there is one born every minute …

Oh, what is the record for an add? Just under 3 1/2 hours.

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