i am NOT paranoid

As the saying goes

“Just because you are paranoid doesn’t mean that they are not out to get you”

Just when you thought that companies were content to track us with cookies, tracking cookies, web beacons or website trackers they found something new.

It seems that the marketing companies are trying out a new method “cross device tracking” of connecting together all of our devices from the PC to tablets and phones and seeing us for sum of our habits.

Instead of being content with a lot of small views of our habits,  they want a full view of your demographics across all of your devices.  In what seems to be a fairly creepy plan, the marketers will play an ultrasonic sound on one of your devices which can be picked up by your other devices, thus linking both devices together and providing a more complete picture of you.

Even if none of this works all that well on a larger scale, this will be a blow the battery life on tablets, phones and laptops which is more than enough reason to be upset.


For more information about cross device tracking, search with your favorite search engine for the following.

cross device tracking cookies

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