ROCCAT SIRU pitch black mouse pad review

At 340 x 250 mm this is a large mouse pad advertised as a gaming mouse pad.


Selling points

Optimized gaming surface
Non-Slip backing
Easy to Clean
Optimum size
Top Notch compatibility
Knife-edge thin

Knife edge thin is no joke.  The mouse pad is 0.45mm thick which is perfect to prevent your mouse from falling off the pad – it slides off.  This would be especially important point while gaming.

No idea how Roccat make this an optimized gaming surface but changing to this mouse pad felt like getting a new mouse.  My mouse is now very responsive and all the sluggishness that I previously experienced is gone.

The non-slip backing is not terribly different from gluing the mouse pad to the desk.  This mouse pad is essentially he worlds biggest sticker and is pasted to the corner of my desk.  It has not moved the tiniest bit.

I did clean the corner of my wooden desk prior to applying the mouse pad and indeed it stuck like a champ for a couple of months.  Yet, as time has gone on the corner of the pad that my wrist inevitably rests on is starting to come loose.

Pro s   Super thin and super responsive

Cons   Your mileage may vary with respect to the non-slippage depending on the surface it is mounted to.

Addl   After four months, I have considered to purchase a new mouse pad and by the sixth month, I have purchase a new mouse pad.

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