nobody’s IT is perfect – real life shopping

Have you ever made a mistake at work?  Either it is small and your colleagues rib you about it or it is bigger and the boss yells at you.

What were you thinking?  Those crazy test case output went to real clients!!

I don’t usually mess up at work but when I do it does tend to be noticeable.  This is why I had to smile when I was recently window browsing at


It appears that the group that does the photos mixed up dangerous looking knifes with computer power supplies.  This error is not dangerous to life or limb but someone at Amazon obviously gets a chance to raise their exposure at work.

Oddly enough, a similar group at didn’t have any problems knowing the difference between a knife and a power supply as they did get the graphics correct.


However, not even the Germans get it correct all of the time.  I was surprised to see that while expanding the results from the p2g search a familiar image showed up.


I guess the Germans are just as adventure loving as their American counterparts.  It would not surprise me if someone copied this image to a default within Amazon for testing and forgot to revert back to the original when the testing was finished.

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