enhancing the privacy we still have

Is privacy is simply too much work?

The problem is not that technology cannot help out but in my case it seems that I am constantly installing or setting up new computers or virtual machines and there is never the time to keep the digital hounds at bay.

The internet is just unrelenting in its attempts to mark us and remember everything we have ever typed.  Of course the flip side is then the various ad agencies then use this information to push their marketing directly to us but only after it has been tailored to our history.

I don’t mind the marketing, well perhaps I do a bit, but big digital shouldn’t need to know about anyone’s interest in fluffy bunny slippers or anything else.

The good news is that the Electronic Frontier Foundation apparently feels about the same as they have created a addin that helps protect against non-consensual Web tracking.  Not only that they have created a web page that can perform a test to see how protected your browser is.


Simply press the big “test me” button to find out how anonymous you really are.

You can see the output when I tested my browser, not so great.  The results were much better the second time after installing privacy badger.

I don’t know if this is available for internet explorer but this is available for both Chrome and Firefox.

I can only recommend installing this on any computers that you wish to try and keep a small amount of privacy.

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