Tips for Overwatch

Overwatch is a first person shooter made by Blizzerd Entertainment. you have 29 charecters that you can play as.


Name Tip
McCree Use his Flashbang if somebody else wants to use their Ultimate.
Tracer Only use her Ultimate if it can stick to somebody. Otherwise it will kill you.
Bastion Best playd when you have to escort a payload.
Ashe Use BOB when the other Team wants to take the Point.
Reinhard Make sure that no shield of either the enemies Reinhard , Zarya or Orisa
Ana Use if somebody wants to do their Ultimate use her sleep dart and wait 30 seconds. Then their Ultimate will be done.
Orisa If Roadhog tries to hook you use your invincibility.
 Mercy If you want to revive somebody always wait until your Orisa places a berrier infront of you.
Torbjörn You can shoot your Ultimate very far.
Hanzo  Shoot your Ultimates into large crowds.


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    I love overwatch. Do you want to play together one time ? Please post more Overwatch.

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    Could you give me some more tips for Reinhard

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    What Can you Block with genji

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