The weirdest laws in the world

Today I’m going to talk about the weirdest laws on earth.

Did you know that in the state of Pennsylvania men are not allowed to buy beer without a written letter by there wives where it says they’re allowed to buy beer? Now the question occurs what if he isn’t married and doesn’t have a girlfriend?

Just in case. In Alabama, it’s forbidden to drive a car while wearing a blindfold. Well, I guess there goes my dream to drive in Alabama while i wear a blindfold.

For the safety of fort Madison, Iowa law declares that before firemen move out to an operation they have to have at least 15 minutes of training.

In Kannada, it’s forbidden to Exit a plane mid-flight. Now if the plane were to go down is it allowed to parachute out? Or do you have to act like you’re the captain on the ship and you have to go down with it?

Here something I also didn’t know even though I live there. Hessen’s state law states that it is allowed to execute them. But Germany’s federal law states that it is illegal to execute anybody. But luckily federal law overrules state law in Germany.

Surprisingly in Urbana, Illinois if you are a Monster you are not allowed to enter the city limits.

In Scotland, you hope you don’t get drunk if you own a cow. because if you do you can be arrested.

So men and Boys if you live in NYC you got a Problem. Because NYCs law states that men are not allowed to stare after women. So men and Boys get your Looks in the first time otherwise you’re Destination has changed.

Here something I already knew is that you’re not allowed to stamp a stamp upside down in England. If you do it would Count as a betrayal.

If you live in Uruguay and you’re a cheater you have a Problem. ’cause Uruguay’s law says that men who find they’re wives or girlfriends cheating they have two options: either they kill both the cheating girlfriend/wife + the other Person or they cut off the nose of the unfaithful wife/girlfriend and castrate the man. Now the Question occurs is it the same if the man cheats on the Girl? And what happens if you catch her and you do option 2 but then she cheats again?

Sadly because of some vandals in Singapore all gum substances (except ones with therapeutic and dental values)and it’s all because some vandals vandalized a train station.

In Connecticut to be a pickle, the pickled cucumber must bounce, which I find is very absurd.

Here’s something that I knew which is, in Minnesota mosquitoes are considered a public nuisance.

Did you now, that in the UK you’re not allowed to be drunk in a Pub. Even though that law gets broken every single day it’s still in the book of laws.

As the game Crossy Road shows in Quitman,Georgia it is illeagal for a chicken to cross a road. Apparently Games do teach something.

In Turin,Italy it is illegal to walk your dog less than 3 times a day. They do mostly rely on neighbors to report it but it’s better than nothing.

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