No one complains about not getting a sunburn

If you have an email account you have probably received spam mail or a few jokes but lately the number of emails on healthcare and covid 19 have exploded. These emails range from informative to conspiratorial but there is one thing that these mails don’t ever mention.

Masks help. They should be thought of in same light of that 20th century personal protection equipment – sunblock. At the beaches and at the pools people use this miracle lotion to prevent the dreaded sunburn. Nobody, well nobody that I have ever spoken to has used suntan lotion and complained that they didn’t get sunburned.

We should remember this when “complaining” about wearing masks in corona times. We wear them with the hope that we never get sick. We should look at the bigger picture and remember the goal is to wear these uncomfortable things for a while and just grin and bear it.

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