The crux with drugs

In the intervening months I have actually read quite a few emails about trust. Rather than bore you with a complete list here is a few of the more common issues of trust.

Don’t trust

  • .. the media
  • .. masks
  • .. the <fill in the blank> political group they are socialists or fascists
  • .. the election, it is rigged
  • .. <fill in the blank> government official they have an agenda

I especially like the list item on that list. If there is a voter or citizen who does not already realize your politician has an agenda you may need to readjust your thinking a small bit. Yet, today I am more interested in medication and not just those little blue pills.

Big pharma

Pharmacutical companies are not non-profit nor are they just for the betterment of mankind. There have been in recent times stories of how some companies are taking their medical patents and using them to legally to take medications which used to cost dollars to increasing the prices so they cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.

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We can see with this brief look they are no angels. It has been raised by some people on the internet that the new Covid 19 vaccine is not just new but done using a completely new technology one that uses mRNA. One of the questions is this an effective vaccine? Well, who knows but that isn’t as important as the second question will there be any unknown safety issues in the future because of it. Before considering this we might consider the rest of the world around us.


Fracking is a new way of extracting energy from the ground. We have no idea of the long term effects of this new method of injecting water and chemicals into the rock to extract the locked energy. There could be safety issues with either the method or the chemicals used.

This is not the only energy issue. There have been other environmental problems due to the oil industry. Why is this important? It really isn’t unless you want clean water for drinking or to be used in the processing of food.


Back in the day the big boy on the block was big tobacco. They were selling a product that was intended to be lit on fire and inhaled. This product was accused to causing cancer, heart disease, strokes, and lung disease just to name a few. The industry did the only thing they could which was to downplay these issues. Eventually, in the US, they did come to a massive settlement with 46 US states and 5 territories. It seems likely that there was some merit to this case and that this product was not the healthy choice and but yet the companies fought to continue for decades.


Construction and manufacturing are not necessarily innocent either. A few decades ago it was decided that Asbestos should not be used due to the health side effects related to this product. In 1991 Asbestos was banned in the US in a majority of products. However, the knowledge that this was a problem since the 1940’s didn’t prevent them from continuing to use it as long as they could – well even use it today in some consumer goods but in lessor amounts.

Asbestos did spawn quite a few lawsuits but one of which awarded Judith Winkel 13 million against Colgate-Palmolive. It seemed that her talcum powder was contaminated with Asbestos.


I have never run a company which prepares food for resale. I can only imagine how much paperwork and rules that need to be followed. However, despite this there are numerous cases of food being recalled every year. I just picked one for 2020. It seems that this food had hard plastic included with it which is why it was recalled.

I also remember in Germany a few years back there was a salmonella problem. It was not immediately known what was the source. If I remember correctly initially there was a tenative link between vegetables and the outbreak. This made salads pretty much non-existant until the source was found. The cause was bean sprouts.

Contaminating containers

This hit me personally when a few years back my wife started to throw away some of our plastic food storage containers. I did not need to read the entire article to know I did not want my mama’s chili to leach chemicals from the container into my food.,including%20obesity)%20and%20reduced%20fertility.

Back to vaccines

What does all of this have to do with vaccines? Well these are things that we put into or onto our body. Every time a new vaccine is released conspiracy theory network publishes a lot of the same theories on how they will kill us. This time is no different, I saw this just the other day.

The vaccine is contaminated with aluminum, mercury, and possibly formaldehyde.

Well, no not really. Some vaccines contain Thiomersal which is a mercury compound but this not the dangerous methylmercury which tends to be found in fish. Besides if Thiomersal was a problem we would have been seeing the results as this has been used since the 1930’s as a preservative in biological and drug products.

Without being pedantic about it, lets focus on those three substances once again.

  • Aluminum
  • mercury
  • formaldehyde

Yup, Aluminum. Aluminum is not actually very good for the body and yet you will find it used in many of the deodorants on the market. Well, it shouldn’t be a problem if I smear a small bit of it under my arm. Yeah, but it is also used in quite a few other every day items.

  • Antacids
  • dyes
  • cake mix
  • processed cheese
  • baking soda/baking powder
  • cosmetics
  • lotions

I didn’t receive any emails this morning talking about how I should throw away my aluminum baking tins due to increase of Alzheimers, epilepsy, dementia or ADD.

We do not have to take a flu (or covid 19) vaccine but the reason we do is because the the chances of problems for the average person are pretty low (a small number of people per million typically have serious problems). Lets look at the counter argument. Nobody takes the vaccine and let nature take it course.

Well, the hospitals will fill up with people who would not have gotten ill. We need to keep them separated from the rest of the patients in the hospital but due to how easily spread covid 19 is, the hospitals get fuller and fuller. The problem is that hospital capacity is not infinite and if there is no free beds then other patients cannot use them. These other patients might be because of stroke, heart attack, auto accident or even appendicitis. If there are not beds for these people it goes without saying that other less serious conditions that can usually be schedule also cannot go to the hospital.

Depending on high the numbers are, the hospital personal will essentially become a death panel. They will look at your condition and say go home and they will call if they have space.

Should we take the vaccine? This is a tough call if you have bad health, are easily susceptible for diseases or are quite allergic to some of the contents of the vaccine. Those people are safer when the disease is not running rampant. The disease doesn’t run rampant when we have heard immunity which can occur only in two cases.

  • lots of people get the disease, some dying[1]
  • lots of people get vaccinated and so do not spread the disease

You shouldn’t trust that “big pharma” has altruistic intentions. Those companies are filled with people and people can make mistakes. However, should you hold the vaccine to a higher standard than these other industries? All of them affect our daily lives. Should you choose to skip the vaccine, please be consistent and hold all companies whose product is ingested to the same standard.

I am looking at you fast food, sugar and general processed food industries.

[1] Swedish herd immunity

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