Junk for gold or perhaps gold for junk

If you live in glass houses you shouldn’t throw stones. I have to admit that if you looked in the corner of my room you might find an electronic gadget that no longer works that I am planning on fixing or incorporating into a project.

Long story on the fire truck, but perhaps someday …

But one of the things that I have not yet parted with is an old laptop. Is it as fully functioning laptop? Well, not quite. The reason I had to purchase a new one is that the keyboard stopped working. Well, that is an exaggeration – some of the keys stopped working.

This is indeed a problem if any of your sentences contain either a letter “o” or the letter “t” as well as half of the function keys. I got a new laptop and I am really quite happy but I haven’t recycled the old one yet.

Today I took it out as I wanted to test out an old keyboard that also has some history which can best be summed up as glass of water meets mechanical keyboard. The water won the first battle. But now that the keyboard has been dried out and cleaned I wanted to test it and my old laptop seemed like a good idea after all what if the keyboard fries the USB port ?

While looking for a few mechanical keyboard parts I thought what about a new laptop keyboard. I am fairly handy with a screwdriver. The new keyboard can be purchased for between 20 and 70 dollars depending on where is comes from and what layout it has. I would have done it but the repair video looked a bit more than daunting. What about a used Asus N76V laptop? Perhaps I could get one with a broken screen and that repair looked easier.

The good news is that you can find one of these antiques and in working order if you are willing to spend more than 398 dollars. One appeared to be an exact duplicate of my old laptop. Well, i was not prepared to spend so much considering that my laptop is perhaps 7 or more years old. Why would I when I can purchase a brand new Asus for 599 which has better specs, is brand new and will have a warranty.

Within a few minutes I found a used mechanical keyboard that has a problem with a loose connection. If you place the keyboard in a certain way it will work. The keyboard was a brand name but it was also a few years old and had no led lighting. I can actually buy a brand new mechanical keyboard but with led lighting for just a few dollars more than the ebay listing.

I guess there is a lot of people’s old or broken stuff that is as pricey as brand new items – who knew that broken keyboard would be worth so much.

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