A new definition of hospitality

Not all that long ago I visited Minnesota and the nature of air travel usually means a lot more time spent in airports. I guess the Minneapolis International airport is not bad as airports go. There was an obligatory electronics store as well as some shops selling books, magazines and snacks.

I didn’t need a book but I did find a few stickers that would look good on my suitcase. Airports are never the affordable spot to pickup gifts, but you only live once. The item cost didn’t surprise me, but it seems that the Minnesotans had a new trick up their sleeve – hospitality. Hospitality in Minnesota means charging an additional cost of 4% charge an all commerce that takes place in the airport.

It isn’t quite clear to me what new expenses exactly this hospitality charge should cover. The vendors are all paying rent for their space, heat, and building maintenance. The airlines are paying the equivalent rent for each gate and there are additional taxes and fees imposed by airports and governments.

This seems to be a simple cash grab, so much for Minnesota friendly.

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