New technology, new problems

I can barely remember the television when I was a child. It wasn’t too smart but it had color and the channel dial supported 11 channels. Not really sure why as there was only 4,5,9 and 11, oh and that public access channel. When it didn’t work, the solution was sometimes to give the side of the TV a wack or two. This might not have really fixed it and to be honest, what does a little kid know about fixing electronics.

Ok, now some years later I can say that dealing with television problems is a lot more difficult. The problem is our television is all via the internet and there are a lot of individual pieces that can go wrong.

  • Our TV
  • Amazon fire stick
  • Netflix account
  • Wifi
  • Router
  • My internet wiring

Tracking down intermittent issues that cannot be reproduced and might only happen once a week is a pain. I can only imagine my parents running around plugging and unplugging devices. It was a few calculated guesses but in the end my answer was the router was the culprit. Old router out, new router in. I then spent hours changing devices which were connecting to “Fritzbox 7490” SSID.

Lesson learned, have your own different SSID name, but perhaps not as anti-fun such as Vodefone-E635 or WLAN-FMSLDV. This will save hours of changing handheld devices to the new default device name next time. My second lesson is use wires as much as possible. Part of my problem, only learned after the fact, was that my neighbor has upgraded his Wifi and his new Wifi caused some signal interference with my network.

In any case, hitting the side of the TV will not make any difference.

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