AWS – S3 and Simple Notifications

Individual Amazon web services are actually quite amazing all on their own but they are really neat when you start to use them together.

There probably isn’t anyone who in their life hasn’t had a sdcard or hard disk fill up who just needed a small bit of extra space to complete their action.  Of course in that situation in the real world you have to stop what you are doing and free up (ie delete something) so you can continue.

Amazon S3 doesn’t have that problem.  If you have the budget, you can keep adding data to it until you are satisfied you are finished.  Sure you have to keep on eye on the costs but that is a completely separate issue.

However, it isn’t any one service that makes AWS so cool as much as how they all seem work together.  One such example of that is the ability to send notifications based on some event that has occurred.  This might be an event you setup to monitor your costs or it might be used as a trigger to an application.

In my case, I am going to demonstrate an email notification going out if a file ends up in a S3 bucket.  If you were some sort of picture site, this might instead be triggering a lambda function to create thumbnails or perhaps this information might be put into a queue for some other processing (or both).

In my previous article, AWS – Simple Notification Service, I discussed everything that needs to be done in order to setup a Simple Notification Service topic but in this blog entry I will actually use put the AWS SNS to use.

In addition to sending out messages, I will also add replication to a s3 bucket.  This will provide a cool way to put data into one bucket and watch it being replicated to the second bucket.  This replication is pretty much as the name says.  If you add data to the source bucket, it will be added to the destination bucket but if you delete it from the source bucket it will also be deleted from the destination bucket.


The replication is actually quite simple. The setup is essentially from where do you want to copy what, and where should it be placed.  Replication setup is available from the management tab on the bucket.


It is also possible, actually recommended that you check the checkbox to encrypt the objects that are replicated.


The replicated box must be in another region.  It is also possible to change the storage class in the destination.  By selecting a class with a different type it may be possible to reduce the cost of the storage in this additional location.


I did not create this IAM rule, nor name myself – I had it created for me.  This is necessary in order to allow the proper read and writing for these two S3 buckets.


Once the replication setup has been saved then new data that is saved or deleted from the source bucket will be replicated a short while later in the destination bucket.


The actual notifications on the S3 bucket are trivial to setup.  Simply go to the properties of the bucket and setup an “event”.

Delete event setup

It is possible to be notified depending on which type of action occurred, ranging from simple create or even just simple HTTP commands.

However, it might not be quite that simple as it appears on first look.

You might get an error if the permissions are not properly setup in the simple notification service.

Original notification setup


Proper – notification setup

Once you setup the proper permissions in the simple notification setup you can then create and save other rules as long as they do not overlap in functionality (ie two different types of create)

create event setup

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More posts to love

Just in case you haven’t noticed it yet the Paranoid professor has doubled our staff. My youngest wanted to balance the computing and other world news with news of sport.

We will still cover all the usual technical positions but now we will see a few more posts on the world of soccer.

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Belgium vs. Japan

Hi guys did you guys watch the game? I did. The ball was more on the Japanese side for the first 20. minutes.Japan scored a goal in the 48. minute and in the 52.minute. And Belgium in the 69. minute. and in the 73.minute and in the additional time. And Belgium won.


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Sweden vs. Switzerland

Sweden is OK. Switzerland I don’t now. For who where you? I was for nobody. For the first 50 minutes the ball was mostly on the side of the Swiss. Sweden fouls a lot. Sweden scored in the 66. minute.sweden wins 1-0.

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Columbia vs. England

Did you guys watch it I did?Columbia fouls a lot.England scored a penalty.Columbia got a goal in the additional time.England won 4-5.yeah.

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spain vs. russia

Did you guys watch spain vs russia?I did it was a OG from russia(own goal) and a penalty goal for russia.Even Ramos plaid with 24 red kards and 418 yellow kards.he is europs kard king.for who where you?Did you now that somwone in the spain team is called Nacho.Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Nachos.Sadly it was not finisched because of rain.

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King of sports

  • Hi guys I am going to talk about soccer.I love soccer I wish I could be referee.I now a lot about soccer.If you have any ?questions? about soccer just ask and I  will answer them.Just say them.What is your favorite team my favorite team is germany and france.France because of Mbappe,Dembele,Pobga,Kante,Hernandez,Lloris,Giroud,Lemar,Thauvin,Fekir,Tolisso,N´Zonzi,Varane,Rami,Umtiti,Kimpembe,Sidibe,Pavard,areola,Mandanda.germany because of Manuel Neuer,Marc-Andre ter Stegen,Kevin Trapp,Jerom Boateng,Matthias Ginter,Jonas hector,Mats Hummels,Joshua Kimmich,Antonio Rüdiger,Niklas Süle,Julian Brandt,Julian Draxler,Leon Gorezka,Ilkay Gündogan,Sami Khedira,Toni Kroos,Thomas Müller,Mesut Özil,Marco Reus,Mario Gomez,Timo Wearner,Sebastian Rudy and Trainer Joachim Löw.



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The internet is for … porn


HP 1312 color laser printer

Perhaps I am pretty easily persuaded by the brand as quite a few years back I purchased a HP color printer – the 1312 multi function printer to be exact.

It is a bit late to review this printer as it is no longer possible to purchase it – well at least on Amazon.

It is a color laser printer and the quality it produces is quite reasonable for any home or small business.  I can scan from either the flat bed scanner or by placing papers into the paper feeder.  The paper tray is a bit finicky to get in and out.  I guess they have forgotten how to build a heavy duty printer like their old HP laserjet III’s.  Yet having said all of that I will admit the printer has lasted me a very long time and I haven’t needed to invest in any repairs until now.

The Symptoms

I have had some fairly troubling problems in the last few months.  While printing it sounds like it is grinding up gears and there have been a lot of mis-feeds.  That rate went from sometimes to every other page just last week.  Just yesterday it looked like the blue was being printed slightly askew of the rest of the page.

So I spent a number of hours googling every part of the internet that I could find in order to find a solution.  The solution is to replace those parts that might be old and worn out.  More specifically those parts are the pickup roller and the roller separator.


problem area                                                        whilte locking tabs



separator roller and its cover                             here is the right locking pin
(pointing to locking pin)

The repair itself took about 30 minutes and I suppose a HP professional could have done it in about 15.  The only thing that made this possible was the fact that there are a few repair guides on the internet.  My savior was from the Liberty Parts Team.

The cost of the repair was both really cheap and fairly expensive.  The parts cost a princely amount of 22.48 including delivery.  The real cost was in both nerves and time to research.


Oh, the porn?  Well, I have seen and heard the song “The internet is for porn”, but perhaps there are a few other things there as well.

Well, I guess the other thing is Google.


I wouldn’t mind a new printer which is why I went ahead on this journey but I really didn’t want to purchase one right now.  If you are also so inclined then next time you have a computer problem it is time to surf the net.

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Nobody wants to be accused of having anything less than the most ethical and trustworthy government imaginable. Yet not every administration fulfills that laudable goal.  It is usually pretty easy to look at the government through our personal perspective.  However, with that in mind I am a bit embarrassed that a lot of people either are not informed of the world news, cannot remember history or cannot see what the outcome of various actions would cause.

It sounds to be nepotism when a president his daughter essentially move into the white house with no real official role to advise and help the President of the United States.  Not only that but just imagine that loyalty is such an important factor that being family of someone already in the government is more likely to get you hired to a position regardless of your actual talents.

Who would have thought that the rich or mega rich would, once elected to office would work to change the laws to remove their apparent conflicts of interest or even help to enrich their personal bank account.  This politician’s moral character isn’t so high as to prevent them from paying women for favors or throwing parties so wild that they dare not be mentioned in more respectable venues.

It is only the truly powerful leaders who can remove at will opponents who are either real or imagined threaten their rule.  Some of these “thought leaders” are sitting in prison for wanting to speak out about problems and for being popular.  It doesn’t hurt if you can control crowds ferver, what is or isn’t displayed on the television (or internet) or even use the military as your personal police force.

It really is understandable that people in power who are stretching or even surpassing  legal, ethical, and moral boundaries would be overly critical of other groups trying to stop such behavior or at the very least report on it.


Donald Trump

Despite seeing the word “president” none of the preceding was about the current president of the United States.  All of these observations are from other countries or past leaders around the world.

These types of activities are only made worse where it is hidden from view or suppressed by the current power.  It is important that there be a free press whether or not the reporting says flattering things about your government or person.

The press should be a mirror that is held up to the nation that reports on facts in a unbiased manner even if it isn’t quite as entertaining.  It is the responsibility of a  press organization to be run by adults to deliver the facts. When these organizations fail this responsibility then they are no longer news organizations but propaganda machines.


Information that is either biased or misleading that is used to promote a particular point of view.

I think we can all agree we all want and deserve a government that is above board with all of their activities.  We should all expect a professional free press.  In a lot of countries both of these are under our control.  If you don’t approve of the government representing you vote them out, if you are displeased with the press vote with your wallet.  Don’t buy their product and ideally make your views known to their advertisers.

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More control over personal privacy

I guess it has been years in the making.  The new General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union.  It is a law on data protection for the privacy of all individuals in the EU.

Here is a small summary of what the general data protection rights should encompass

The GDPR provides the following rights for individuals:

  1. The right to be informed
  2. The right of access
  3. The right to rectification
  4. The right to erasure
  5. The right to restrict processing
  6. The right to data portability
  7. The right to object
  8. Rights in relation to automated decision making and profiling.

This actually should be good news to everyone who uses the internet.  Depending on your relationship with various web sites this could be meaningful.  Of course this is more important if the site(s) have any information about you or your habits. This blog, well as of today anyway, doesn’t collect any information and the cookies that are used are only the basic functionality provided by WordPress.

It was because of the passage of this law (went into effect June 1st) that caused a lot of email boxes to start receiving mails from sites asking for confirmation of your relationship.  I supposed that without that affirmation a lot of information was sent to the bit bucket in the sky.

Not only emails but now a lot of web sites now inform you that they are using cookies.  This is nice, I guess, but when every site starts doing that at the exact same time it probably causes a lot of people to be conditioned to “press ok”.


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