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From computers to microcontrollers

I kept telling Mikhail that the big advantage to using the Raspberry Pi was no matter what project I put it into I could set it on the window sill and ssh to it.  It was a fast small and … Continue reading

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enhancing the privacy we still have

Is privacy is simply too much work? The problem is not that technology cannot help out but in my case it seems that I am constantly installing or setting up new computers or virtual machines and there is never the … Continue reading

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security in obscurity

It didn’t make all that much sense to me. Why did the team write their own bug tracking application when they could have either purchased one or used an open source solution.  I guess the team felt that only they … Continue reading

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Reuse a Pi – Air printing

When the Raspberry Pi came out I went a but nuts and ended up getting a few of them.  I did give some away and did create some projects but unfortunately not all of my RasPi devices were a complete … Continue reading

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